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About Clickade
Think of Clickade like NASCAR...but for websites.

Clickade is a platform for website sponsorships, pay per click advertising and affiliate ads. We believe website owners need new and easier ways to make money with their websites. If you're a website owner, you can start earning from dedicated website sponsors and ppc advertisers simply by adding one line of code.

We believe Internet ads need to be shaken up. For far too long, banner and skyscraper ads have dominated the advertising space with little innovation. There's room for so much more without annoying website visitors with full screen auto-play video ads.

So we're building Clickade to take a fresh approach to Internet ads.

Shake & Bake!

Frequently Asked Questions:
What's with the small square ads?
We call those side square ads. We wanted to create a unique ad size to help website owners have more than a few ads on their website. We use modern CSS/HTML to create small ads that expand with more information, yet are lightweight and fast loading. These work great for website sponsorships. Sponsors are displayed 100% of the time, yet take up very little space until someone is interested. Plus you can add as many sponsors as you want. Learn more about our ad types
How much does it cost to advertise?
We allow website owners to set their own rates. Our advertisers can also set their own Price Per Click rate for each ad.
How much does it cost to sponsor a website?
Website owners are free to charge whatever price they choose to sponsor their website. Dedicated sponsors are displayed before any Pay Per Click advertisers and are given priority.
What percentage do you take from website owners?
We believe all website owners should have complete control and transparency over their advertising revenue. So we've created a flat fee pricing structure based on the page views your website receives. Click here for our pricing structure.
How do I track my earnings?
We're constantly working on our website dashboard and click tracking technology. Once logged in, you'll be able to see your sponsors, earnings, recurring charges, clicks, etc. In addition, you can drill further into each website you add to the system to get more details. We'll keep working to make this the best as possible.
Do you allow gun ads?
We believe website owners should make that decision...not us. All website owners can manage what type of ads they want on their website and make changes to those settings at any time. They can accept or cancel any type of ads they want at any time. It's up to the owner.
What's your favorite color?
What's with all the Will Ferrell references?
Advertising shouldn't be boring, so we wanted to use Will Ferrel characters as our inspiration for some fun in our product. He's our 100% UNofficial spokesman.
Where are you located?
We're based in Chattanooga, TN. The heart of the South and the home to fastest Internet in the world (10gb/sec).
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It's like NASCAR...
Only for websites instead of race car drivers. SHAKE N' BAKE!
Build multiple side businesses with your personal business. #sidehustle
Our ads are small.
So there's more room for activities. Like wrestling & kung fu fighting!
What is love?
Baby don't hurt me! Don't hurt me! No more!
Ads for Elves
These ads must be south pole ads. They're tiny. #southpoleelf