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Can we get real for a minute? Nearly every website tracks their anonymous users with cookies, sessions and what not. That's how they provide a good experience and sometimes that's how they make money. At Clickade, we sometimes track our visitors and users so we can do our job effectively. We don't sell or share your anonymized data with anyone other than the advertiser and the website owner. They need to know this information to operate their businesses successfully. Nothing evil is happening here. We're just having fun with ads and doing our best to make something people want and maybe even need.

If you prefer legalease from some attorney, we'll add that on this page later. But for right now, know that we do our best to maintain your privacy, secure your data and make sure you have the best experience available.

If you enter your credit card or bank information onto a Clickade form, that data is not being stored on our servers. We only save the last 4 digits of your credit card and a random access ID to let you use your card at a later time. In other words, even if our servers were compromised, there's nothing that would compromise your credit card data.
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