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Clickade empowers websites with new ways to make money using sponsorships, paid links, paid comments, job boards, storefronts & more.
All you need to do is add one line of code onto your website to start earning with Clickade.

Let's get weird!
WEBMASTERS: Copy & Paste this code into the "HEAD" of your website.
Credit Card Processing
Clickade handles all secure credit card processing using Stripe PCI compliant servers and standard security.
Instant Payouts
As soon as an ad is submitted to your website, we instantly send your payout to your Stripe account. We don't hold your funds for any period of time. Stripe deposits the funds to your bank account within 2-4 business days.
Automatic Monthly Renewals
We automatically renew every sponsorship ad on your website on the renewal day. 100% automated so you don't have to worry.
Flat Fee Pricing
Clickade wants you to keep more of your earnings from your sponsors. We only charge a flat fee based on your website traffic.
Cached Ad Images
Every ad that gets created is cached for speedy delivery. No need to wait for a big slow ad to clog up your website.
Multiple Ways
We're constantly experimenting & building more and more ways to make money with your website. We're not limiting ourselves to just ads.
Multiple Ways to Make Money
Choose between 6 different ways to make money with your website. You're in full control of everything. You'll be able to select which ad types you want to allow once you add your website.
Side Squares
Side Squares are small 25x25px ads that expand to display the full ad when users hover over it.
Keymojis are text based ads that convert keywords on a webpage with a bolded underlined keyword + emoji
Our ads are small.
So there's more room for activities. Like wrestling & kung fu fighting!
Build your subscriber list and let them hide your ads for a monthly or annual fee.
Sponsored Comments
Sponsored comments are paid comments that are displayed at the top of the comments section in an article, blog post, etc.
Corner Ads
Corner ads are fully expanded side square ads that stay in the bottom right or left corner of a website.
Site Links
Advertisers bid to place their links wherever you choose on your website for a fee.
Product Pricing About Us Contact + Add your website
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Our ads are small.
So there's more room for activities. Like wrestling & kung fu fighting!
Build multiple side businesses with your personal business. #sidehustle
It's like NASCAR...
Only for websites instead of race car drivers. SHAKE N' BAKE!
Ads for Elves
These ads must be south pole ads. They're tiny. #southpoleelf
What is love?
Baby don't hurt me! Don't hurt me! No more!